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Tributaries PWRI-XF is an in-wall power extension kit that provides a second layer of filtration at the remote location. This extra filtration is designed to clean up unwanted interference from in-wall unshielded Romex cabling to keep your electronics performing at their best. Tributaries XF is designed with two outlets that fit in dual gang Carlon or Raco boxes. Why dual gang? Because there are large copper chokes inside to effectively eliminate noise on the line. Power extension kits are commonly used to extend surge and filtration from a surge suppressor like Tributaries T10X to a remote device. In addition, including these remote electronics on the same ground as the rest of the system reduces the risk of ground loop issues. The One of the main features of the XF is a locking connector system which safely connects the connector to its mate on the inlet wall plate. The blue Neutrik connector is UL rated and designed specifically for safe power applications. The twist-to-lock feature allows current to flow when fully inserted and twist-locked into place. With no exposed connections, this is the safest connection available on the market. The PWRI-X is considered a dead branch circuit, and per the NEC code of 2008, it is not necessary for a licensed electrician to install. The PWRI-XF outlet is finished in a paintable matte white face plate. A green LED on the faceplate illuminates when power is connected.

The PWRI-XF in-wall power extension kit includes 1 filtered inlet, 1 power outlet and choice of 6 feet or 9 feet power cable

Model PWRI-XF Highlights

  • Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Dual gang/dual outlet in-wall power extension kit with line filtering
  • Can be used alone as a filtered outlet
  • Designed to work with a power manager to protect remote devices
  • Connect the power outlet to the inlet using 14AWG Romex
  • Includes a 14 AWG shielded power cable UL® rated for 15 amps
  • Safe hot-pluggable AC power with Neutrik® PowerCON connectors
  • 3 UL® certifications and RoHS compliant