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The UHDT TITAN series is Tributaries most advanced line of HDMI cables. TITAN's advanced high-conductivity copper results in lower losses than standard OFC copper. This design has provided a method of extending the length of an 18G HDMI cable beyond what is possible with standard copper. Tributaries active UHDT cables are empowered by a patented TITAN DIGITAL module embedded in the display-end connector. This module is designed to function under HDMI 2.1 with 4 discrete channels each capable of 12Gbps (an aggregate of 48Gbps). Powered by an USB cable, TITAN delivers 3 discrete voltages that work independently of the HDMI source's 5V supply preventing voltage variations from the source. TITAN is also the first active solution engineered with an 18Gbps DDC accelerator designed for cables longer than 10 meters. TITAN requires external power only at the display end. A USB power cable and AC power supply are included. Tributaries UHDT TITAN will provide guaranteed stable 18Gbps performance from 12 meters to 25 meters.

The Titan Series Active HDMI cable is stocked in each in lengths from 12 meter to 25 meter

Model UHDT Highlights

  • Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
  • Patented advanced metallurgy for stable high frequency signal transfer
  • Empowered by patented Titan Digital active circuit
  • Certified to support UHD HDMI 2.0 4K/60 HDR signals
  • Guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
  • Earned DPL Labs & ISF 18Gbps certification
  • Power Grip connectors are tight fitting without the death grip of locking connectors
  • Flexible UL CL2/FT4 rated jackets appropriate for in-wall use