CAIG Rosin NO CLEAN Flux, #RSF-R39-8G (Syringe)

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CAIG Rosin NO CLEAN Soldering Flux, 8 grams syringe

“Made in the USA”

Part No. RSF-R39-8G (8 g)

SPECS: See DataSheet.

CAIG Rosin NO-CLEAN Soldering Flux, TYPE RSF-R39

Part No. RSF-R39-8G:
Syringe, 8 grams

Applicator: Syringe
Formulation: Rosin (CAS 8050-09-7), proprietary ingredients
Use: Precision electrical soldering
Notes: Precision soldering of electrical connections for non-clean applications. Use Soldering Flux, TYPE RSF-R80 for general soldering.



  • RSF-R39 Rosin No Clean Flux is a mildly-activated rosin flux that is considerably more active than water-white rosin
  • Recommended for electrical and electronic soldering applications
  • Excellent for P.C.B repair and rework
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Can be safely left on the circuit board after reflow without cleaning



  • Appearance: Smooth and tacky amber paste
  • Viscosity (Malcom): Typically 200 – 280 at 5 rpm @ 25 C
  • Tack strength (per IPC J-STD-004):
    Initial TBD 6 hr @ 50%RH TBD 24 hr @ 50%RH TBD Fineness of Grind < 10 micrometer Acid
    Number (mg KOH/g) 90-110
  • Halide content ROL0, per IPC J-STD-004, Halide free
  • Halogen content None intentionally added
  • IPC SIR J-STD-004B Pass
  • Bellcore SIR (pass > 1011) Pass, 8.9X109, Ohms at 96 hours 2.2X1010 at 500 hours Pass/Fail = final > initial/10)
  • Shelf life of unopened containers is nominally 12 months. If the material has been chilled, the container should be allowed to reach room
  • Nonflammable, noncorrosive.