CAIG Rosin Flux, #RSF-R80-2 (Jar)

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CAIG Rosin Soldering Flux, 56 gram jar
(Photo to left shows both the Jar and Syringe. This part number is for the Jar)

“Made in USA”

Part No. RSF-R80-2 (56 g)

SPECS: The RMA paste flux meets DOD-STD-2000 & also the IPC-J-004 standard for type ROL0 , the lowest residue corrosivity category.

CAIG Rosin Soldering Flux, TYPE RSF-R80

Part No. RSF-R80-2:
Jar, 56 grams

Applicator: Jar
Formulation: WW Gum Rosin, Diethyene Glycol Dibutyl, Dymerex Rosin.
Use: Electrical soldering
Notes: General purpose flux for soldering electrical connections. Use CAIG NO-CLEAN Soldering Flux, TYPE RSF-R39 for precision soldering.



  • RSF Rosin Flux is a mildly-activated rosin flux that is considerably more active than water-white rosin
  • Activity closely approaches that of fully activated rosins
  • Conforms to all of the requirements of Type RMA
  • Rosin Core, Mildly Activated of Federal Specification QQ-S-571
  • The RSF paste ux meets DOD-STD-2000 & also the IPC-J-004 standard for type ROL0, the lowest residue corrosivity category
  • Thermal stability enabling excellent wetting and reduced
    carbonization at soldering temperatures



  • Softening Point: 160 F (71 C)
  • Rosin Grade: WW per Fed. Spec. LLL-R-626
  • Acid No. (of Rosin): 150
  • Water Extract Resisitivity: 110,000 ohm-cm
  • Effect on Copper Mirror: None
  • Fungus Resistance Per MIL-E-5272
  • Nonflammable, noncorrosive.